Cannon Europe BVBA

We have been distributing quality parts / bikes & tools and equipment for the Automotive, Construction, Hardware and D.I.Y markets since 2009.

Our Aim :

To Supply superior quality, dependable products for a reasonable price. We provide a huge selection of Parts & Bikes from a single source. We also provide the broadest selection of hand tools from a single source.

Brands :

Cannon Europe BVBA is the sole distributor of Mad-Munk & Kepspeed and Neilsen brand Products. our products and delivery systems will keep good business coming your way.

Cannon focus on efficient support for our partners and customers alike, equipped to accurately process orders promptly and distribute Europe wide giving our customers complete confidence.

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Distribution Centre

State of the art 40,000 sq. ft. facility
Real Time Warehouse Management System
Inventory accuracy of 99.99% effective
Inventory accuracy of 99.99% effective
Real-time transaction updating

Customer Service

Real Time Order Status = Up to the minute status feedback
Location of order in system
Date shipped
Freight line in transit

Cannon Europe BVBA are the Distributors of Mad Munk Neilsen & Kepspeed Branded Products

Cannon endeavour to bring new and well established products to the UK and Europe, to help provide automotive servicing at a reasonable cost to the professional and enthusiast. We also supply the construction industry, D.I.Y and hardware markets with a wide range of tools and equipment they need, whether everyday items or exclusive. Cannon Europe BVBA. is a Bike and Spares supplier to the trade and retail customer. We constantly produce our own specification bikes and parts and source new and existing replacements for existing bikes.